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The five participants in the Mobile Alternative Communications Ltd ("Mobilni Alternativni Komunikatsi") joint venture intend setting up the first Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MNVO) in Bulgaria, was announced at a news conference today. ​The joint venture was created by five of the leading fixed service providers in Bulgaria - Net 1, Neterra, SKAT, Telekabel and Telesim. ​ "The sharing economy is the intelligent, innovative way of doing business, in which resources are saved, achieving faster development to the benefit of consumers and with lower costs for business. The basis of the successful development of telecommunications, not only nationally but globally, is the practice of sharing telecommunications infrastructure and networks. That is what we have been doing for a long time. For example, although we are working in a competitive market, we provide the connectivity and fiber optics of the three major mobile operators, virtually anywhere they want. We believe that from being the state with the best fixed internet in the world, Bulgaria may become a leader in mobile communications," Telekabel Executive Director Angel Vassilev said. However, according to the founders of Mobile Alternative Communications, for this to happen, there must be a common understanding of the issue and support from both state institutions and all stakeholders in the telecoms market. "As pioneers in telecommunications, we believe that in a country like Bulgaria there is no room for more than three overlapping mobile networks with national coverage. The launch of a virtual mobile operator benefits all market participants. Mobile operators will make effective use of their network capacities. For the end user, it means innovative and flexible services, for the state, an opportunity for sustainable development of the economy. That's why we sincerely believe that the talks with the mobile operators will be completed successfully, Neterra manager Neven Dilkov said. The Mobilni Alternativni Komunikatsi group says that its proximity to the end user is its competitive advantage. This will allow the development of a full range of telecommunication services tailored to the specific needs of customers in given regions. "Each of the five companies has won the trust of their customers in the region in which they operate. Adding a mobile service to our current packages will further enhance our competitiveness. To date, we provide services to individual clients in 15 regions across the country. We operate in more than 250 settlements in Bulgaria, including nearly 50 cities and more than 200 villages, where more than 30% of Bulgaria's population is concentrated," SKAT owner and manager Petyo Georgiev said. "The grouping of the five companies does not mean a merger and does not entail the consequences of such an action. We are a conceptual unification of five companies that share the common goal of collaborating on expertise, resources and targeted markets. Each of the companies will continue to operate as a separate legal entity. We are partners that share the same interests, namely striving for faster market development and increased customer satisfaction," Telesim technical director Milen Minev said. "The main reason for the existence of MVNO around the world is the effective use of already built infrastructure and frequency resource. There are than 1200 MVNO operators operating in the world, with Bulgaria one of the few in the world and Europe in which there are none. There are 129 in Germany, 76 in the UK, 56 in the Netherlands, there are MVNOs even in Middle Eastern countries such as Afghanistan and Iran. Technology development allows mobile networks to offer a growing palette of services to suit different customer needs. Successful positioning Bulgaria as a hub for startups in combination with the creation of a suitable mobile environment can make us become a high-tech country in which to test various innovative business ideas," said Petar Rizov, CEO of Net 1. After completing negotiations with mobile operators, participants in Mobilni Alternativni Komunikatsi will present the specific services they will offer to their customers as well as the way they will market them.

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